But we all like valuable things that we get for free, as a gift. It’s always nice to get something more than usual every now and then. This is exactly why online bookmakers are a must.

Every customer is important to them, including you.

The more customers an online bookmaker has, the more income it makes. Pretty simple equation. It is for this reason that totalizators work hard to attract new customers and this is very good news for you. Why? Because one of the most popular ways totizators attract customers is with bonus offers.

Almost every gambling site offers some type of first deposit bonus to new customers. You will have the opportunity to get either a free bet, additional funds for placing a bet, or simply additional money directly in your account, which can also be used for other services offered by the website. In principle, by making a deposit you get additional funds with which to bet, however, technically these bonuses are not 100% free, as they are associated with certain terms and conditions. Still, it’s nice to have these offers and to be able to use them without difficulty.

These are not the only benefits that online bookmakers and casinos offer. When a bookmaker gets a new customer, it is in their interest to keep that player in their customer base. Therefore, most of the bookmakers offer monthly or even weekly bonuses. Some bookmakers offer a bonus for each deposit, although such offers are rare.

Player-friendly bonuses in addition to deposit bonuses

Player-friendly bonuses

The most common types of bonuses are:

  • Refund (cashback) in case of loss;
  • Bonuses and benefits depending on the amount and frequency of bets;
  • Increased odds on special events;
  • Prize draws/competitions;
  • Top winnings;
  • Tickets for sporting events.

Check out the best sports betting bonuses in Latvia

best sports betting bonuses

Do you really think that you will be entitled to any of these advantages by visiting a bookmaker or a casino with a totalizator? The answer is a resounding no. Spend enough money and you might get a free drink, but that’s about it, as long as you don’t bet super high.

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