How can I turn online poker into a profitable business?

Let’s start with the simplest and most complicated of all – playing for cash. You can play cash for as long as you like and leave when you want to. Everything you win (if you win) is yours.

Many professional players find this format of the game to be the most difficult and requires experience, psychological stability and other skills. But it’s out there, far beyond the clouds of high limits, where people win thousands and tens of thousands of dollars in a single hand.

Let’s get down to earth! We are beginners, we will have a small capital. It’s not difficult to win a cache with minimal stakes either, the key is to get it right.

Cache games are divided by one main feature – the number of players at the table. Games with nine or ten players are called long tables. The standard format on the internet is short tables, which are played with five or six players. At high limit levels, tables with three or four players are also common, and heads-up cache tables are also common and popular in any limit game.

What are limits or bet levels? Another new word in our jargon for how much money is played at the table. The term is often used in conjunction with the concept of table length. For example, the phrase: “I’m currently playing long NL100 tables, but I’ll soon be moving to short NL200 tables” means that a player is playing no-limit Texas hold’em at 9-10 player tables, where the small and big blinds are $0.50 and $1 respectively, with a maximum buy-in of $100, but has decided to move up to 6-person tables, where the blinds are $1 and $2.

It’s a truth: The shorter the table, the better your skills need to be to make money playing at it. That’s why we’ll be playing long tables at lower limits online.

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